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Appaloosa / Sportaloosa stallion at stud in New Zealand - Mighty Luminous at Sparkling Acres AppaloosasAppaloosa / Sportaloosa stallions at stud.

Put a cool head on your next foal... no compromise on height, movement, athletic ability, versatility or colour required.

Sparkling Acres Sportaloosas offers sensational Appaloosa / Sportaloosa stallions Skip’s Supreme (imp USA) and Mighty Luminous (imp Aust) at stud.

They're available by cooled, shipped semen for AI as well as live cover and both produce superb quality foals out of a variety of mares.

Both stallions carry the bloodlines of some of the Appaloosa breed's most successful and famous Hall of Fame stallions: Bright Eyes Brother, Mighty Bright, The Executive, Colida, Red Eagle and Red Eagle's Peacock.

Appaloosas / Sportaloosas for sale at Sparkling Acres

Appaloosas / Sportaloosas for sale.

We usually have a small selection of quality Appaloosas and Sportaloosas for sale.

At Sparkling Acres, you'll find quality Appaloosa horses with lovely temperaments, sound conformation and versatile frames.

Our Appaloosas carry some of the richest bloodlines in the Appaloosa industry and their parentage includes world, national and state champions in halter and performance events.

Take a look at our current line up of Appaloosas and Sportaloosas for sale.

Knabstrupper / Sportaloosa stallion by frozen semen in New Zealand - Sartor's Supermodel (imp Denmark)Knabstruppers on ice.

In addition to our own Appaloosa stallions, we're very proud to have frozen semen available from top quality Knabstrupper stallions.

The Knabstrupper is a Danish spotted warmblood and it's an old and now rare breed.

Sartor's Supermodel (Denmark) and Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn (Germany) have the movement of the warmblood, the fabulous temperament of the Sportaloosa and the ability to mix it with the best in competition.

Photo - Jody Millward

Introducing the talent, beauty and sweet nature of the SportaloosaWhat's special about a Sportaloosa?

A Sportaloosa is an athletic spotted sport horse.

The international Sportaloosa registry includes Appaloosas, Knabstruppers and other spotted breeds and as a type, they have a balanced and uphill frame, strong bone and smooth movement to give a smooth ride and years of soundness.

Sportaloosas come in a variety of body types and heights, with a sane, sensible, calm and very friendly nature.

They have the ability to excel in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines and their laid back temperaments make them a pleasure for competitors to bring out their athletic abilities as well as making them a family favourite.