2006 Appaloosa foals

Appaloosa colt by Mighty LuminousAppaloosa colt by Mighty LuminousColt - Mighty Intriguing

Mighty Luminous (imp) x Momentarily Zipped

Misty has hit the jackpot yet again, with this golden full brother to the super Mighty Illuminating, born 6 December.

Appaloosa filly by Mighty LuminousAppaloosa colt by Ric O'Lena - EnrichedColt - Enriched (imp in utero)

Ric O'Lena (Australia Appaloosa Hall of Fame) x Cayuse Mighty Enchanting

One deluxe stallion coming up: this super snowcap colt (imported in utero) carries a rare genetic treasure trove of bloodlines. Born 20 October 2006.

Ric melds the exceptional athletic ability of Ric O'Lena, with the cool headed cowhorse in Mighty Storm Song, with the world renowned all round talent of Mighty Bright and his super sire Bright Eyes Brother.

Born on 9 November.

Now standing at stud in Wairoa at Arawood Appaloosas.

Colt by Mighty LuminousFilly by Mighty LuminousColt - Mighty Moondancer

Mighty Luminous x Jardaak (TB)

Thanks and congratulations to Nikki Walker on the arrival of this super bay colt, born 3 December.

Monika - filly by Mighty LuminousMonika - filly by Mighty LuminousFilly - Monika

Mighty Luminous x Blaze (QHx)

Thanks and congratulations to Ann Howard on the arrival of a beautiful blue grulla filly, with characteristics, on 6 December.