2012 Appaloosa foals

2012 Appaloosa / Sportaloosa filly Mighty Skiptivating2012 Appaloosa / Sportaloosa filly Mighty SkiptivatingFilly - Mighty Skiptivating

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Cayuse Mighty Tantalizing (imp Aust)

Sportaloosa Studbook One 391

Our last foal of the season is a most wonderful studbook one filly with a huge spotted blanket.

Born on Waitangi Day, 6th February.

Being retained by the stud due to her mum's age.

Appaloosa filly by Skip's SupremeAppaloosa filly by Skip's SupremeFilly - Skip's Supreme Dream

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Jagady Dreamtime

Sportaloosa Studbook One 368

She took her time about arriving but this very pretty filly was well worth the wait for Felicity Taylor.

Gorgeous deep chestnut with characteristics and first time mum Jagady Dreamtime looks like she's been doing this all her life.

Born 29 December.

Chestnut blanketed Appaloosa colt SkiptifiedChestnut blanketed Appaloosa colt SkiptifiedColt - Skiptified

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Momentarily Zipped

Sportaloosa Studbook One 371

Proudly introducing a fantastic colt, born 12 October. Everything we could hope for in a beautifully put together and colourful package.

Carries the world famous bloodlines that work - Mighty Tim, Bright Eyes Brother, Mighty Bright, String of Stars, Colida, Zippo Pine Bar.

Skip's Daytona SunsetSkip's Daytona SunsetColt - Skip's Daytona Sunset

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Santana Sunset

They just keep coming! A very flashy colt for Karen Gander and first time mum Santana Sunset born 9 December.

Congratulations Karen!

Ardenholm Skips The WinterArdenholm Skips The WinterFilly - Ardenholm Skips the Winter

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Kotuku's Shakak

A very exciting spotted filly born 20 October for Caroline McKnight at Ardenholm Appaloosas in Taumaranui!

Appaloosa / Sportaloosa colt by Skip's SupremeAppaloosa / Sportaloosa colt by Skip's SupremeColt - G.A.B.'s Take A Few Skips

Sportaloosa Studbook One 370

Skip's Supreme (imp USA) x Cayuse Three in One (imp Aust)

Congratulations to Allison Alderton in Whangarei on this huge colt with a Skip-sized blanket, born 11 November.


Appaloosa colt by Mighty Luminous out of Awanui Bounce & PlayColt - Zanadu Luminous Lad

Mighty Luminous (imp Aust) x Awanui Bounce & Play

Congratulations again to Bridget Woodward on the arrival of her second Mighty Luminous baby, a super palomino blanketed colt born 2 October.

Love him!


Appaloosa filly by Mighty Luminous out of Zippolita (QH)Filly - Zanadu Mighty Miss Zip

Mighty Luminous (imp Aust) x Zippolita (QH)

What an awesome start to the foaling season! Zippolita got gold stars on her report card when she arrived for breeding and we think she deserves another one for producing this super filly on 30 September.

Zippolita is by supreme champion QH Mr Zippo (imp Aust).


Appaloosa / Sportaloosa filly by Mighty LuminousFilly

Mighty Luminous (imp Aust) x Singa Star (TB)

Congratulations to Kathryn Greenslade on the arrival of this super pretty filly, bred by transported semen.

Born 8 November.

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